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Racing Longboard Wheels -Vectors 78a

The Vector Longboard wheel is the racing wheel of choice for our team riders. It utilises the Supremacy urethane which is our racing thane that shreds layer by layer and ensures traction throughout the wheels life. The Vector racing wheel is 75mm X 58mm and has a square edges. These edges have more grip because the square lips of the wheel provide a higher friction to the surface of the road when side pressure is applied.

With the square lip there is usually a bit of a break-in period, the wheel can be essentially turned into a nice sticky wheel that’s capable of drifting with just a little bit of work. This is the type of wheel that most downhill racers will be riding on any given day and for good reason. It’s a reliable shape that when used with the correct urethane that can stick when you want it to and drift when you want it to.

The Vector wheel comes in two Duro’s namely 78a and 80a. The 78a wheel is the softest and will provide more grip and result in a drifting style of slide where the rider is in more control as each layer of thane is shred off. The 80a will provide a similar feeling and provides our riders with choice.

Size - 75mm x 58mm

Duro – 78a

Urethane – Peg Supremacy Urethane