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Monarch Program

Welcome to the Monarch program
Unlike other Distributions that rely on actual shops with old people running them to buy their product, we at Xii Skate use the Monarch Program. 
We have given the power of our brands to the youth and entrepreneurial minded people. The skating Pie is big enough for every one so we believe everyone should have a chance to run their own businesses. 
The Monarch Program Explained through Mlungisi who lives in Soweto 
Mlungisi is a skater from Soweto. He loves skating and knows that he has many friends and other people that need skate boards at good prices. These people do not have access to the internet to buy boards and the shops are to expensive.
Mlungisi has heard about the Monarch Program from Xii Skate. 
He knows he can apply to Xii Skate to become a Monarch. This will allow him to buy product at a very reduced price and get it delivered to his house. 
He will then be able to sell this product to his friends at the same price Xii Skate sell it for online. He will make a few hundred rand from this which will then allow him to purchase more stock and make even more money. 
If Mlungisi manages his money well and keeps enough to re-order stock he will be able to make between R1000 - R5000 a month easily from being on the Xii Skate Monarch Program.
All you need to do is send us your information below. 
We require a short introduction to your self, your age, Cell phone number, House Address for account setup. We will then send you a quick mail on how it works and within a few days after we have received your first order and payment the stock will arrive at your door. 
The Monarch Program works so well because you make money, learn skills about business, grow African Skate brands and maybe one day start your own!