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About Xii


XII Skate is an African skate brands’ distributor. XII offers you the best African skate brands at awesome prices with to-your-door delivery.

By cutting out the middle men, we are able to provide you with amazing prices on awesome products. Not only are you are saving a fortune, you’re also contributing to growing local brands.  

No more R900 decks… Buy ours for only R500 that will be delivered to your door. Pay with Credit Card, EFT or you can go into a bank and do a Cash Deposit. If you are a Laarnie,  we even accept Bitcoin. We are here to help you, just shout when you are stuck!

The Monarch Program gives the power of our brands to the youth. It provides you with the ability to make money and learn valuable business skills. Join the Monarch Program - Click Here

We are dreaming and dreaming BIG! We already have plans to launch Xii Skate and our local brands in the USA in 2018. If you are a African brand and want to join us, drop us a message and lets see how we can help.